April 10, 2017

A Cheap Apartment That is Nice

I was offered a great teaching position at the Warwick River Christian School in Newport News. I had applied at several schools in the area throughout the years, and I was really grateful that this is the one that had finally contacted me about teaching there. I had lived in Newport News for a while when my dad was stationed close to there, and I just always loved the area. After accepting the position, I started a search for cheap apartments in Newport News VA. While I have a comfortable nest egg, I did not see the need to spend a small fortune on a luxury apartment.

I would rather spend my money on the mission work that I do when I am not working my real job, so I was hoping to find an apartment that did not offer a lot of extras. I know that some people want those apartments that offer everything that a person could possibly want, from coffee bars and saltwater pools to fire pits on the roof and fitness centers that are better than most local gyms. For me, I did not want any of those things.

I just wanted a comfortable place to call home. I would not be using any of the extras, so I just did not want to pay for something I would not be using. I was able to find a really nice one bedroom unit about six miles from the Christian school, and it is perfect for me. There is a pool here, and I am actually okay with that because I do enjoy swimming when I have some downtime. I am just glad that it does not have all the luxury amenities that would make my rent go up quickly if they were here too. Some may not like a basic apartment like this, but it is perfect for me.